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•Reduces Itching

•Softens Beard

•UV Protection

•Paraben free


Morocco Beard Oil is made of the finest natural ingredients for facial hair that we could find. It has a delightfully woody scent with citrus top notes and a hint of mokosoi mid notes. A light and fresh scent combination that is both sophisticated and ruggedly irresistable.


How to use:

Apply a 3-5 drops into the palm of your hand and massage lightly into your beard, to soften and nourish it. Stroke or comb beard into place. Can be applied to towel dried or dry beards. Leave in for the day to get the full moisturizing benefit.


Pro-tip: When applying Beard Oil, focus on working the oil into the skin beneath your beard.

*Morocco Beard Oil is paraben free, alcohol free, environmentally friendly and has no artificial colorants.



Morocco Beard Oil

  • A proprietory blend of ;

    Almond Oil: Packed with vitamin E that helps to heal skin fron sun damage. Is an anti-oxidant and is anti-inflammatory. Improves complexion and skintone and is a powerful moisturizer.

    Castor Oil: Stimulates hair growth, is anti-inflammatory and is anti-fungal. Natural UV protection.

    Orange Oil: Treats acne, is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal.

    Cedar-wood: Reduces hairloss, strengthens hair strands, is antimicrobial, treats dandruff and alopecia, prevents hairfall.

    Mokosoi (YlangYlang): Stimulates skin oil production.


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